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We are having a sale on Thurs, Fri and Sat - Dec. 7th, 8th and 9th

Pictures and descriptions are below!

Thursday, Friday & Sat 8am to 1pm
December 7th, 8th & 9th
108 Nubbin Ridge Rd, Lakeview
off Hwy 178, 3 miles from Midway
Oak Dining Table & Chairs, Sofa,
Sleeper Sofa, Dresser, Armoire,
Recliners, 42" TV, Kitchenware, 
Heaters, Linens, Cabin Decor, 
Collector Plates, Books, Pottery, 
Sewing Machines, Glassware, Chest Freezer, 
Refrigerator, Power Scooter, 
Exercise Equip., Oil Paintings, 
TOOLS, Hunting, Fishing!
Shotguns, Rifles, Knives, Blinds, 
Tree Stands, 3 Compound Bows, 
Crossbow, Arrows, Decoys, Feeders,
100+ Fishing Reels, 50+ Rods, 
Down Riggers, Tackle, Waders,
6, 15 and 25hp Boat Motors.
Arc Welder, Miter Saw, Drills, Bits, 
Hammers, Hatchets, Saws, Buffers,
Sanders, Belt Sander, Chain Saws,
Troy Bilt Tiller, Shredder, Ladders, 
Power Washer, Generators, Jacks, 
Craftsman Rolling Tool Chest, ATV
Ramp, ATV Jack, Table Saw, 
Kawasaki Vulcan Classic 800 Motorcycle, 
Mens Bike, and everything in between! 
House, Garage, Shed and Pole Barn are FULL!


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This sale is packed!!!
TOOLS TOOLS TOOLS, Hunting, Rifles and Shotguns, Compound Bows, Crossbow, Fishing, Motorcycle, Household, Cabin Decor, Furniture...this one has it all!!!

Prints, Decorative Plates, Recliners, Dresser with Mirror, Oil Lamps, Paintings, Armoire, Bedside Cabinet, CDs and more


Spinning Wheel Planter, Sofa....


Paintings, 42" Flat Screen TV, TV Stand, Decorative Plates, Bird Pictures and more


Oil Paintings, QA Bench, Pictures, Stick and Ball Magazine Rack


Round Oak Dining Table with 6 Chairs and 2 Leaves


Vintage Items, Bowls, Glassware, Coffee Grinder, Pitcher, Van Briggle Ewer, Oil Lamps, Buttons, Utensils, Bakeware, Silver-plate Flatware, Wall Telephone, Rolling Pins, Stringed Instrument, Wall Shelves and more


Cabin/Man Cave Deor, Plates, John Wayne Plates, Decoys, Fishing Decor and more


Man Cave Decor, Fishing Decor, Painted Saw, Ertl Tractors, Decoys, Bird Figurines and more


Sleeper Sofa, Prints, Air Purifier, Infrared Heaters and more


Pictures, Lamps, Home Decor and Glassware, Linens, Electric Blankets, Pottery... 


Vases, Glassware, Fenton, Glass Shoes, Wool Blankets, Heaters, Decorative Plates, Bedding and more


Christmas Decor, Office Supplies, Linens and Doilies, Bedding and Blankets and more


Sewing Machines, Sewing Supplies, Cameras, Binoculars, General Household and more


Oil Paintings, Prints, Books, Radios, Lamp Table...


General Household, Office Supplies, Cards, Sheets, File Cabinets and more


Kitchenware, Pots n Pans, Bakeware, Utensils...


Corelle Dishes, Bakeware, Glassware, Breadmaker, Pie Pans and more


Bakeware, Utensils, Sony Radio, Cookbooks, 2 Windsor-style Chairs and more


Sausage Stuffer/Press, Crock, Microwave Shelf, New Dartboard in Cabinet


Laundry Supplies, Mens Clothing, Tobi Steamer


Competitor Brand Total Gym, Exercise Bike, Weight Bench, Treadmill (get prepared early for your New Years Resolutions!)


Very nice Chest Freezer


Guns: New England Firearms 20g Shotgun, Remington Model 1893 12g Shotgun, Sears Model 101.100 16g Shotgun, Western Field Automatic 12g Shotgun, Remington Sportsman 48 20g Shotgun, Remington 11-48 16g Shotgun, Remington Model 700 7mm Rifle, Marlin Model 336 30-30 Rifle, Stevens Model 62 22LR rifle, Savage Model 93 22WMR rifle, Savage Sporter 22LR Rifle, Traditions Tracker 209 Muzzle Loader


3 Compound Bows, Arrows, Targets, Quivers


Knives of all sorts! BB Guns, Turkey Call, Duck Calls, Decoys


Hunting Attire, Shotgun Loader, Dove Decoys, Crossbow, Binoculars, Scopes, Duffle Bags and more


Hunting Attire, Boots, Shoes, Gloves, Hats and more


Kawasaki Vulcan Classic 800 Motorcycle $2200
Schwinn Bicycle 


Very nice...just too heavy to get upright for a picture...Yamaha 25hp Boat Motor $2100


Evinrude 6hp Boat Motor, Evinrude 15hp long shaft Boat Motor


Dayton Belt Sander, Craftsman Disc Sander/Grinder, Craftsman 6" Sander, Sockets, Wrenches, Nuts/Bolts/Screws/Nails, Propane Tanks, Clamps, Screw Drivers, Chisels, Bits, Grinder Wheel and so much more!


Saws, Vises, Drills, Skilsaw, Angle Grinder, Buffer, Grinders...and more that I've forgotten the name of...


Multi Ladder, Kerosene Can, Wheels, Saws, Heat Gun, Straps, Hand Tools, Soldering Irons, General Garage, Propane Tanks, Leather, Drills, Jig Saw, General Garage...if you need it, we have it!


Gas Cans, Deer Stand, Jumper Cables, Chargers, Cable, Down Riggers and more


Life Vests, Saws, Hanes, Craftsman Laser Miter Saw, Radio, Deer Feeders, Compressor, Boat Gas Tanks and more


Life Vests, over 125 Fishing  Reels, Fishing Tackle, Boat Gas Tank and more


More Fishing Reels, Tackle, Lures, Coolers and more


50+ Rods n Reels, Rods, 


4 pop-up Camo Deer Blind Tents, Waders, Boots, Lanterns, Coolers, Canvas Tarps, Canvas Tent...and so much more


TOOLS TOOLS TOOLS!  Hammers, Clamps, Pipe Wrenches, Hatchets, Drills, Saws, Long Knives, Pliers, Tape Measures, Screw-in Tree Climbing Steps, Water Pump, General Garage, Limb Trimmers, Propane Cook Stove, Minnow Buckets, Worm Containers, Cast Iron Dutch Oven, Boots, Metal Storage Locker and more!!


Water Jugs, Depth Finder, Nippers, Snips, Screwdrivers, Coolers, Gas Tanks, Nets, Gauges, Bliers Cutters, Bed Rails and more


Arc Welder, Welding Masks, Drill Press, Torch Welder and supplies


Truck Bed Tool Box, Step Ladder


Impact Wrench new in box, Buffer, some more tools, Gloves, General Garage/Workshop Supplies


Chain Saws in cases, Router, Router Stand, Bolt Together Weight Distributing Hitch System


Garage Stuff, Tools, Chisels, Grinding Wheels, Files, Nippers, Draw Knives, lots of Files and Rasps, Coleman Lantern, Hammers of all sorts, Hatchets, Draw Knives, 


Fishing Tackle, Lures, Line etc, Painting Supplies, Electrical Supplies, Sheeting, Tooll Sets, Router, Router Stans, General Workshop items and more


some more tools n stuff.  Soldering Guns, Knee Pads, Sharpening Stones, Sanding Discs and Belts, Socket Set, Hammers, Spoke Shave, Wood Planes and more


Mower and ATV Jack new in box, Power Washer


Generator, Air mover Fan


Trolling Motor, Hoses, Wrenches, Clamps, Heavy metal things, parts for Reels and more


Oars, Rope, Trolling Motor, Ryobi Backpack Leaf Blower - used once, like new! Boat Seat and more


Coleman Camping Stove, Boots, Tarps and more


Troy Bilt tiller, Craftsman Shredder, Gardening Supplies


Pick Axes, Axes, Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Sledge Hammers, Pitch Forks, Branch Cutters, Yard Tools of all sorts!


Craftsman Rolling Chest on Chest tool Box, Tool Boxes, File Drawers...


Hoses, Small Garden Tiller, 3 Ton floor Jack, Farm Jack, Pull-behind Spreader, Spreaders, Workshop Cabinets


ATV Ramp, RR Dollie


Sausage Grinder with Motor, Propane Stove/Burner, Craftsman Table Saw


File Drawers, Fencing, Pole Saw, Yard Light, Gas Trimmers, Kawasaki Generator, General Garage and Workshop items


Yard Art, Concrete Lawn Decor, Ladders


Storage Box, Deer Tree Stand, WheelBarrows, Ramps...


The following items are in the Garage that is Attached to the House - access from House

Refrigerator, File Cabinet, Storage Tubs


Step Ladders, Brooms and Cleaning Tools, Vacuum, Storage Tubs, Air Compressor, ATV Winch new in box, Household and Yard Chemicals, 


Canning Pots, Crock Pot, Electric Griddle, Pressure Cooker Household Chemicals, Christmas Lights, Shelving, Office Supplies and more


Cookware, Bakeware, Storageware, Utensils, Entertainment Center and more


General Household,  Oil Heater, Sausage Grinders, Game Cookbooks, Office Supplies and more


Plasticware, Utensils, Household


Power Scooter, File Cabinet and more!


Some good hints, from several sources*, on Estate Sale Etiquette

Estate Sale Etiquette

Generally everyone knows what this is because it was taught to them as children.

You should respect others in line and treat them as you would expect to be treated.

Hold your place in line with your presence and do not cut in line.

Do not rush the door when the sale opens.

Do not block others from entering...

Everyone has just as much right to be there as you, whether they are making a living at it or just enjoying a day out.

If someone picks an item up, do not grab at it.

Do not hoard items you do not intend to buy.

Hoarding Items:

This is the practice of gathering a bunch of items in a pile and taking your time looking and making a decision on whether to buy or not. We do not allow this type of practice and require you to buy what you pile. Hoarding effectively removes the items from the sale during a time when the sale might have the most potential buyers. This is not fair to the estate sale company or others attending the sale.

Purchasing Large or bulky items:

If you find a large item you would like to purchase, simply remove the 3x5 tag from it and continue shopping. When you are ready to check out, give the tag to the cashier. When a tag is removed from a large item such as a piece of furniture, it is a promise to purchase and indicates to other buyers that the item has already been sold.

Piling up purchases:

If you find that you have accumulated a load of items and can't carry any more but aren't through shopping, take the items you have to the designated hold area and leave the items in reserve while you continue to shop. We can't guarantee to keep an eye on your items because they we are very busy and occasionally someone will pick items from your pile not realizing they are already being sold to someone else. If this happens, don't show anger towards the estate sale agents, they are busy and harried and can't watch your reserved items every second, but we do provide you with a hold area that is well signed. Once you have paid for your item, you are responsible for it's removal by the end of the sale.

Crowd Etiquette:

Sometimes a house can become very crowded with buyers during an estate sale. Try to be polite and say, "Excuse me" when someone is blocking the path out of a room, etc. And try to be aware of where you are in the house and avoid blocking entrance to a room. Don't stand in the hallway or some path talking to someone, there may be people who can't get around you. The time to socialize at an estate sale is before the sale starts or after you've left the house. It is in your own best interest to be on friendly terms with other buyers.

First Come, First Served:

A line forms at the front door (usually) and everyone keeps their own place in line. Yes, some people will walk around and talk once they have established a place in line and this is generally accepted. But, leaving the property usually means you have abandoned your place in line and will have to go to the end of the line if you return. Many an argument has started over this situation. When you get in line remember you are responsible for knowing who you are behind and even how many are in front of you.


Drive safely, be courteous of the neighbors lawns, etc., don't park in others drives or block them. Remember that Mountain Home has an Ordinance that requires you to park on the same side of the street as the sale, and this is a good habit, even in other towns, as there needs to be access for Emergency Vehicles to get down the road...And, we don't want them passing more ordinances! let the fun of buying begin!



See you soon!